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Church 28 Feb 2016!


Hello class!

     I hope you guys had a great time during Youth Sunday School (YSS) today. As the week ahead passes by, do remember to look through what we have learnt this week, as well as prepare next week's portions! Next week, we will be doing pages 18 to 23 of our Acts Bible Study Book, which is Chapter 2: Wind and Fire.  I have typed down a summary of our bible study, as well as the notes I took down during sermon today, for those who weren't here. The sermon notes might be a bit messy, because, well, I was just noting down what was on my mind during the sermon. Hope you guys have a great week ahead, and as time passes by, I will try to make it be a different one of you each week who will be writing up here. :) But not to worry, I am still slowly planning how to improve the infrastructure of this blog from its current skeletal state.
     I'll see you guys next week.

With Blessings,


Prayer Requests:

From: Item

  • Emmanuel: Emmanuel's sister fractured her foot and scraped her knee. Please help pray for her!
  • Tessa and Jed: All of us to be hardworking and healthy.
  • Esther: Have a positive mindset in the upcoming week.
  • Keith, Chen Qi: Exams/ Tests
  • Elizabeth: That exams won't take over our lives.
  • Joshua: Efficiency in project work.
  • QiYun: Recovery after wisdom teeth surgery

Bible Study 28 Feb 2016

Context: Acts 1:1-14
Main Thinking Questions:
What will need my urgent and intense prayer this week?
In what ways do I observe Jesus' ministry in my life for this week?
Think about what the first Christians prayed for in the upstairs room in Acts 1, and pray your own similar prayers.


Sermon 28 Feb 2016

One concept:
Remaining in Christ and bearing fruit as a branch remains in a vine and bears fruit.

So what does it mean to remain in Christ?

Being active in church and doing many church activities does not necessarily mean that the person is bearing much fruit. Not that he/she shouldn't serve, but what about the other days and other times that he/she is not serving inside the church community? What about the rest of the time that a person spends outside?  Being a Christian is a 24/7 thing. So how do we incorporate that into our lifestyle?

We should be bearing the fruit of the gospel, which is as written by Paul - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, self control.
We should not be a hypocritical Christian, looking all good and fervent and busy on the outside but rotten on the inside. There is nothing wrong with busyness, but there is something very wrong about being rotten on the inside. So in the midst of your busy lives, do not forget to constantly check what's inside and ask God to check your heart constantly too. A car may look all clean and shiny but if it's engine is broken, it cannot move. Check your engines often.

Few characteristics of bearing fruit:
1. For short tempered people - becoming more gentle and kind
2. Harsh and impatience - treat ar others with more kindness and patience
3. Deceitful and cunning - become more honest
4. Lack of self-control - becoming better at it (self-control) and more disciplined.

This is not about how much work you do for God etc, but rather about whether your life has changed and whether other people can see the image of Christ on you.
9 characteristics but only 1 fruit - do take note. The 9 characteristics are known as the "FRUIT of the spirit". The characteristics have to all be developed together, not lacking in either.
The other feature of bearing fruit is that one will start to desire God's Words, wanting to be close to Him.
Eternal life is meaningless without wanting to be close to God and wanting to love and obey Him. Think about it this way: spending an eternity with a God that one can't be bothered about would be quite a pain, wouldn't it? Eternal life must not exist apart from God; we need to seek God constantly in our lives, starting from now.

When we make mistakes in life, do take note that there will be consequences. But yes, at the same time, what matters is that we return to Christ if we happen to walk away from Him. What matters is that we fight to return. It is much sweeter to walk in His ways.
("Not every prodigal son gets to return home, though. Some die on the way." -Mr Lim Kah Hoe <The speaker>)

Read Luke 6:47-49

Question of the week to ponder:
What does it mean to remain in Christ? (Think of the image of a grapevine and a branch that is grafted onto it.)

Challenge for the week:
What is one thing you would do or remind yourself constantly this week about remaining in Christ?

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