Sunday, 14 February 2016

CNY Steamboat 2016 Discussion 01

From Delphine:

Sent the following to the other groups' teachers. Will update y'all the no. of pax to prepare food for when they reply.
Every one who is buying food, the amt we typed today is rough gauge. Do update according to ur own discretion. Dun over buy, dun under buy.

Hey all,
Annual YSS CNY feast fellowship is here once again!
21st Feb 2016, 1045-1230hrs
1) can you give me the number of mouth we need to feed by this Wed (very impt) we don't want prepare too much or little..
2) everyone to be in red. The class with least percentage of non red gets extra ingredient!
3) all clpc mouths to pay $5 for food. We'll buy more meat to have a hearty meal. Beef, pork, chicken. New friends eats for free. Do let us know if a new friend dun eat beef or pork. We hope they do though.
4) every class to prepare their own pot.

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